Kayleen Mesa is a Self Love & Feminine Embodiment Coach who dedicates her time supporting women to cultivate a foundation rooted in deep self worth, unconditional love, and personal connection.

Her work is an invitation to reclaim your sensuality, eroticism, authentic feminine expression, and empower all aspects of yourself through an approach based on pleasure practices, somatic healing, ancestral and generational trauma release, and goal-envisioning processes.

She founded Peaches & Grace, an online space for connection, growth, and empowerment for women who desire to be supported and celebrated as they uncover their deepest truth.

Her core message is that in order to transform your life, you must create an intimate and loving relationship with yourself.


"Freedom is our birthright"

is Kayleen’s life motto that she is living by every single day.

My Story

I'd love to share with you how I got here...

A few days after my 21st birthday, I was laying in bed with a deep, visceral desire to uncover who I truly was. I took a deep breath, gathered all my courage and strength, left everything behind, and flew to New York on a one-way ticket from my hometown Medellín, Colombia seeking for freedom and answers. 


This is when the real journey began.

For most of my life I felt disconnected from my original essence and true identity as a woman. 


I rejected my body and measured my worth on my physical appearance. 


I convinced myself of the belief that I needed to quiet my internal world by judging and neglecting my emotions in order to be a “strong woman.”


After hearing so many times that my sexuality and liberated expression were wrong, I chose hiding behind false masks, people pleasing, and learned to numb by disconnecting from my body as coping mechanisms. 


I convinced myself of being “too much.”


I tried to adjust to a specific type of mold that never felt in alignment with who I was, thinking that it would make me feel loved, whole, and truly seen by others.


The insatiable need for a sense of belonging and validation became a reflection of my relationships; constantly getting involved with emotionally unavailable partners, codependency, making others responsible for my pain, and feeling unable to surrender and trust in love. 


It felt so heavy…

To carry my female ancestors and caregivers' pain for so long.


Gathering the courage and willingness to welcome and integrate these deeper aspects of myself has initiated me into the truest, most empowered, and liberated version of myself.


Continuously choosing love and truth in my life is a reaffirming commitment to myself. A celebration of the divine guidance and eternal wisdom that pulsates within my body.

The divine portal that sits between my legs.

And the vastness of my heart. 


The past 8 years of my life, I’ve immersed myself in deep practices including meditation, Holistic Nutrition, Somatic and Energy therapy, Tantric and Daoist lineages, and a year-long coaching certification in Sex, Love, and Relationships at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

I am determined to share the medicine that has been radically changing my life and support other women to find their own version of empowerment, joy, beauty, and liberation. 


Sharing my personal experience and teachings is my greatest act of service to the world.

It's an honor and a privilege I now get to share them with you.


Ready to become the truest, most liberated, ecstatic version of you?