You’re over emotional- Guilt, anxiety, stress, fear, anger… feeling your feelings seems overwhelming

& painful.


You’re tired of being in a constant state of self-loathing & self- judgment


You feel disconnected from your body, your sensuality and creative power


You’re constantly comparing yourself to other womxn. You have low self-esteem & feel insecure about yourself.


You’re afraid of being judged by others. It’s hard for you to open up & fully express yourself


You have a tool to alchemize pain into pleasure.


You’re able to relate to your emotions with a new level of sensitivity & empowerment


You could open your body & being to pleasure without fear or guilt.


You have a goddess toolbox that you can use to connect to your sensuality & deep feminine at any time.

You could freely & authentically express yourself emotionally, creatively, and sensually.

You knew an easier, more grateful & feminine way to create your life- A more magnetic way to operate.


Feminine Radiance is an intimate, results-driven program created for womxn looking to heal their hearts, deepen the relationship with themselves, and tap into their feminine power.


Learn how to own all aspects of yourself — the masculine and the feminine — and claim and embody all that you are. This masterclass will give you all of the tools, support, and confidence you need to recognize and accept your feelings. Honor what your sensual body + soul truly need on any given day, and the knowledge to build a foundation of deep inner-happiness.


Your curiosity will take you to places you’ve never been before! Expect to transform, explore, move, and restore your divine feminine body as well as connect to your inner wisdom through meditation, body awareness, and soul- exploration.


When a womxn has the opportunity to listen to the needs of her own truth, the possibilities are infinite! 


This connection to yourself, and to the other womxn in the room can open you up to authentic connections, which is really what the true intention of this practice is;  to live in your Divine Feminine Essence, to be the Creatrix of your life and to feel the magical presence of the Divine Feminine unleashed.


In 4 weeks your transformation will be unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever experienced…

Here’s what we’ll cover:

WEEK 1Awakening the divine feminine within you

In this first phase, you’ll learn what is Feminine Energy, how to activate it, and why allowing yourself to become intimate with your feelings is essential when establishing an authentic and loving relationship with yourself.


Becoming aware of your story and giving yourself permission to get in touch with your shadow self can completely shift your perspective- the way you feel about yourself and everything around you. Engaging in this type of healing offers a reconnection with yourself and allows you to uncover your true vulnerability, courage, and emotional depth.


It’s time to get crystal clear on the root causes of your limiting systems and how they’ve been blocking you from showing up as your most powerful self.

WEEK 2Own your pleasure, sensuality & feminine fire

Sensuality and sexuality is about connection; connection with yourself, connection with the people you love and connection with a life that turns you ON.


In week 2 you will be introduced to sacred and powerful practices to get back in touch with your sensual self. You will learn how to engage your 5 senses to experience pleasure every day, and create space to connect with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


This is all about reconnecting with your body, and seeing it as the sacred vessel where sensuality and sexuality is experienced.


Get ready to awaken your inner wild womxn and embark on a liberating journey where curiosity leads the way.  

WEEK 3Activating your creative power, embodiment & self worship

“A Creatrix is a womxn who is deeply connected to herself as a Woman and the Feminine Source of Creative power.”


Here you will learn how emotions and sensuality together help to activate your creative power. Navigate the currents of pleasure with your body and learn how to tap into your creative energy, passion and inspiration to act and to do what needs to be done to manifest a new creation. Expect to move, dance, and regain a new connection with your body and creative energy. The rituals you create will be the foundation for your confidence and your roadmap to magnetize everything you want in your life.​

WEEK 4Embody your deepest power

Now that you are fully integrated with your feminine power, we’ll dive deep into magnetism so that you learn how to manifest your deepest desires with feminine ease. We’ll embrace the new and upgraded relationship with yourself, goddess belief systems, and create new wild womxn manifestos.


4 Live group Masterclasses All class sessions will be recorded for you to have for life!

Private Facebook Support Sisterhood Connect with like-minded womxn eager to forge powerful friendships in a safe container for expansion, exploration, and empowerment

Weekly Goddess practices & rituals

1 Self Love Guided Meditation


BONUS Sensual Embodiment guided practice 



$167 USD

FULL PRICE $267 USD (save $100)

This offer will never EVER be available again! If you’re ready to transform your life, feel both free and fulfilled emotionally, sexually, relationally, and creatively, this program is for YOU my love!